I have been working with Dr. Ewart for awhile now and am healthier and happier than ever before in my life. After struggling with an eating disorder, depression and mood instability since my teens, I finally began therapy in my early thirties–but after a string of ineffective therapists, became extremely disheartened and discouraged. DeAnn has worked effortlessly to help me identify and address my challenges, and has done so with compassion, professionalism and a holistic focus. She has helped me navigate through difficult and pivotal life events, parenting and other family issues, and is continually introducing me to new concepts and modalities to support my work and foster further growth. DeAnn’s breadth of knowledge, experience, and dedication to her practice is unmatched. With kindness and care, she has been able to guide me toward a more mindful, enlightened and joyful life. I’m grateful beyond measure to have found her.
I have been seeing Dr. Ewart for several years now; and I can confidently say she helped to save my life. I’m not truly sure I have the words to do justice to describe the gratitude and respect that I have for her.

When I first started therapy, I was resistant-not the easiest client to say the least. I was an 18 year old who had been struggling with bulimia since the age of 14. I was sick- psychically and emotionally. There have been many times throughout my treatment when I gave up on myself; but never once did I feel like Dr. Ewart gave up on me. Because she showed me compassion, empathy, and understanding; I began to rebuild myself back together, piece by broken piece. The process has not always been easy; therapy is hard work! But, having a therapist like Dr. Ewart has made my journey of recovery a reality that actually feels achievable.

So, thank you Dr. Ewart for being the genuine person you are, for never giving up on me, for teaching me EFT, for helping me to learn how to love myself, for allowing me to openly express myself, for never making me feel judged, for always being present, for being so down-to-Earth, for giving me hope, and for saving my life.

I’ve worked with DeAnn for various issues that have arisen in my life. My experience of DeAnn is one of pure love and compassion. She provides a safe and loving space to explore all of the things that keep me from my Truth. She has taught me how to challenge the beliefs I hold, that keep me from loving myself, and moving from that place. DeAnn held that space of knowing what was possible for me, until I could know it for myself. She has helped me heal on all levels, and I will always hold her in love and gratitude for the gifts that she has brought to my life.
– SHELLY, 48
I had never had any prior experience in therapy but due to a stressful event in my early 30’s, I felt it was important to find someone to help guide me through this difficult time in my life. Dr. Ewart came highly recommended to me and after our first session, I felt incredibly confident in her abilities and holistic approach. DeAnn is an active participant in therapy in that she will truly take the time to listen but she will also stop a conversation as needed to find out not only how you are feeling, but why you feel the way that you feel. I was always of the mindset that something had to be truly wrong to seek therapy but I now understand that’s absolutely not the case. DeAnn has helped me navigate every aspect of my life – from the most painful (divorce, co-parenting) to everyday problems that arise (health, nutrition, fostering relationships). I’m thankful I sought help and guidance and especially thankful it was through Dr. Ewart.
After years of disordered eating, depression, anxiety, and a revolving door of therapy and medication, I finally got lucky and found DeAnn. I’m off all meds and making real strides in changing damaging behaviors that have plagued me for years. Unlike with previous therapists, I don’t come to DeAnn’s office and rehash ancient history over and over. We work together to help me identify what I’m doing to sabotage myself and create new constructive habits and behaviors that allow me to build the life I’ve been dreaming about and deserve. She’s the real deal, I feel so grateful to have found her.
Almost a year after losing my dad, I was struggling to work through my grief. I had tried counseling in the past, without much success, but felt I needed to try something to move forward. DeAnn worked with me during those difficult days, teaching me coping skills and above all, listening to me from a place of extreme kindness. As I re-engaged in my day-to-day life with a fresh perspective, I realized I wanted to look at the bigger picture of how my anxiety, depression and sadness were impacting my life. I have now learned so many techniques, through EFT, meditation, and deep breathing that have altered my life-long habits and have effectively changed my thinking. I continue to work with DeAnn today, using EMDR to positively impact all areas of my life. I’m grateful for the results I have achieved, and no longer see the worst-case scenario in every situation or feel utter dread waking up to face a new day.
I’ve been seeing Dr. DeAnn for over a year. I never thought I’d be living the way I am today, and I wouldn’t be without her help and guidance. I’m very excited to continue working together to see where I’ll go. I highly recommend Dr. DeAnn for anyone who is looking for peace and to expand their life for the better.
Over the years I have struggled with anxiety primarily caused by insecurity and lack of confidence. A recent change of life (retirement) significantly elevated my anxiety affecting my ability for relational intimacy and inhibiting my plans for a stress free retirement. I have been working with Dr. Ewart for 2 years and I feel more in control of my life than ever before. She has helped me regain my confidence and to uncover the carefree adventurous spirit hidden within me. DeAnn has been extremely skillful in helping me focus on self awareness and mindfulness to stay emotionally connected and is consistently introducing me to new techniques and concepts that support and challenge me. With DeAnn’s guidance, care and compassion my general anxiety has mostly dissolved, and evolved into pure excitement and joy covering all areas of my life. Prior to seeing Dr. Ewart I saw two therapists with little success. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Ewart.
– GL, EARLY 60’S
DeAnn played an integral role in guiding me towards recovery from an eating disorder and her work has profoundly impacted my life. I have had the privilege of working with DeAnn, beginning at the age of 14. In each of her sessions DeAnn offers a safe, welcoming space to dive into the complexity of emotion that fuels an eating disorder. Her expertise has taught me how to navigate my inner world and reconnect to the innate, feminine nature that was silenced by my eating behaviors. DeAnn implemented breathing exercises and emotional freedom technique (EFT), which are practices that I continue to use regularly as a way to ease anxiety and quiet obsessive thoughts. Life with an eating disorder is distressing not only for the patient, but also the family. DeAnn seamlessly integrated my family into our work, facilitating challenging therapeutic discussions between myself and my parents. DeAnn also provided recommendations and support for my parents when residential treatment was required in my teenage years. Her holistic approach invited me to create a gentle and nourishing relationship with food and my body. I credit our work together for providing me the ability to reach for meaning in my life outside of an eating disorder and experience the true sense of freedom that can be found in recovery.
I have worked with DeAnn for over a year and have gotten a tremendous amount out of help from our sessions. DeAnn has helped me to understand and navigate almost every single one of the important relationships in my life, from my husband to my parents and in-laws. I have worked with DeAnn on an individual basis as well as part of a couple, sorting through annoying pet peeves to life-altering decisions. With her help, I have been able to navigate through painful family dynamics, find greater self-acceptance and have experienced a significant decrease in stress and panic attacks. Therapy can sometimes be difficult but I always feel better after having a session with DeAnn.

DeAnn is able to speak to a wide range of topics and has helped me deal with issues surrounding financial insecurities, romantic relationship struggles, sibling inequality and competition and changing parental relationships. DeAnn is not a therapist that spends time “diagnosing” you, but rather concentrates on helping you to live your best life possible and to recognize and accept different forms of love and support. She helps you to change your perspectives in life and to embrace more positive and healthy thinking behaviors. DeAnn is firm and direct but also very warm and understanding, and it is obvious that she is truly passionate about her work and wants to help people. I would highly recommend DeAnn to anyone who is in need of a support system – whether you are struggling with a difficult relationship and painful trauma or just need someone to listen and guide you through everyday stresses.

– EMILY, 31
DeAnn Ewart counseled me during a very difficult time in my life. DeAnn listened with compassion and asked the right questions. I was able to look at my problems through a different perspective. With her advice I was able to move forward, knowing I had done my best. I was free of the hurt and anger I had felt. DeAnn taught me a technique called Tapping, which I found very helpful. She impressed me with her knowledge of different techniques, and her passion for learning new ways to help her clients.

Once I felt better and stronger, I stopped seeing DeAnn. I subsequently had a set back, and DeAnn was there to help me through it. DeAnn provides a safe place whenever life’s difficulties can’t be handled alone. I know she will always find time for me.

– PEGGY, 57
I first started working with Dr. DeAnn Ewart when I was diagnosed with an eating disorder at 11 years old. I was struggling with issues of restrictive eating, negative body-image, anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behaviors. I did not understand the complexity of the disease that had very quickly come to consume my life, yet I was reluctant to talk about it with anyone. However, after several sessions with DeAnn, I found that she was someone I could truly trust and open-up to about my struggles. Our time together quickly became a safe space for me, and I began to look forward to our weekly therapy sessions. She helped me to challenge negative and distorted thought patterns, and find alternative coping mechanisms to the destructive eating disorder behaviors that I had become accustomed to. Through working together, I felt as though I was investing in my health and learning how to live an empowered and intentional lifestyle. I continued to see DeAnn through middle school and high school, and even had phone sessions intermittently while in college in Virginia. DeAnn’s continued support and guidance was invaluable to me as I navigated through these various life transitions. DeAnn is a truly gifted psychologist. She practices with compassion, transparency, integrity and patience. She sees her patients for the whole person and is committed to helping them achieve wellness in all aspects of their life – body, mind, and spirit. I am so thankful I met DeAnn when I did, and I wholeheartedly believe that starting therapy with her was the best decision I made in my recovery.
Compassion and kind coaching is what comes to mind when I think of Dr. Ewart. I began therapy with her at a very vulnerable point in my life and she gently guided me through the use of various techniques of self-care. The energy work and strategies I learned working with Dr. Ewart changed my life and are now a part of my daily self-care practice. In addition, when I felt I faltered or lost sight of myself, I was always met with compassion and gentle encouragement. The level of growth I experienced working with Dr. Ewart was unimaginable. The work we did together improved all of my relationships, especially my relationship with myself. Knowing Dr. Ewart has been one of the greatest blessings of my life, helping me to learn and maintain a balance in my life that includes self-love, establish and hold boundaries from a loving place, and most importantly, trust my inner voice. The support and guidance that I have received from Dr. Ewart has been immeasurable, I am eternally grateful.
DeAnn was referred to me by a trusted source—what a wonderful gift that was! DeAnn has helped me many times, with: anxiety, health concerns, loss, growth at work, marriage difficulties, having three teenagers at once, and then our transition to empty nesters. I’m sure I’m forgetting many things. Our family is so much more wonderful because of her holistic approach, and the many tools that I’d learned from DeAnn. She is a lovely, caring, extremely skilled therapist. I recommend her with all my heart.
DeAnn is nothing short of a light, who has helped bring out my own inner light and be less afraid to let it shine. She has helped me to feel more confident in myself, and helped me to work through my thoughts and put me more at ease with making decisions. She has taught me to work through my inner demons and recognize my own inner strength in a safe environment. Through her talk therapy and guidance she helped me to see that I have the ability to have a full life. We acknowledged in therapy that despite the effects of my shaky past with how I grew up, I am capable of having the life I deserve, and navigate through difficulties together. I believe this guidance has created a solid foundation for me to grow. She respects the conclusions I draw about my own life and supports me in living a healthy life, determined in her heart to make a positive impact, which she truly has. She has motivated me to allow myself to live an authentic life, and to speak my truth. When I process and then implement her methods I always feel the positive effects on my life. The best part is feeling like I can take the tools she has given me to cope, relax, and live well, and use them to create the best life for myself. I have learned along the way with time that I am worth my own self love and worth feeling empowered, and she played a huge positive role In helping all of that come to light. I want to make sure to continue to use the tools she has given me because of the positive impact it has on my life. She has helped me to develop more of a sense of myself, and see myself in a positive light. She listens without judgement, and roots for me along the way. I am forever deeply grateful for her help, feedback, guidance and generosity.
– RM, 27